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Welcome to my world of pressed floral art.


I have been pressing flowers for over 30 years now and so delighted to be able to present some of my pressed floral art to you that I have made over the years.  Every framed picture is a one of a kind, and this is one of my passions (besides singing Jazz), that I find very therapeutic, especially when the snow or freezing rain is falling outside. You can also see bookmarks that I design in the Floral Gallery.

I love to do custom orders for people, mostly 8"x10" so you can tell me which  colours you prefer and I will make you a unique  gift that you  will  treasure for years to come.


 About Elaine

  Elaine Brown

My interest in this art started after seeing a small white card with three beautiful small pansies on the front.  I just thought how great it would be to make these flowers live on in another medium, i.e. framed pictures and bookmarks.   I researched any books I could find on pressed floral art, and found out that Princess Grace of Monarco actually loved this art form as well so I was in good company:)  

I have made many pictures during the last 30 years and as one who gets bored very easily, I am surprised I still have such an interest in this, but I think it is the entire process of growing the flowers, pressing them, sorting them and designing with them that is very satisfying  for me,  and when I peek to see how the flower has pressed, it feels like  Christmas when I get pressed flowers that may have changed their colour a little, usually deeper, but look amazing!  This hobby still excites me.

I have found using the Microfleur retains the colours beautifully and I can use those flowers to design with by the next day.

I look forward to hearing from you and designing something unique and special in your favourite floral colours:)

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