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Pressing with a Microfleur

Microfleur designed and manufactured in Australia and now distributed worldwide, is a plastic unbreakable ventilated flower press with wool pads for use in a microwave.  Better colour retention than traditional methods, ie. placing flowers in old telephone books.

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Put flowers face down on tissue paper on wool pad, place tissue on top of flowers then add the top wool pad.  Encase with clips or elastic bands and place in Microwave.  Test for one minute and if still moist, try a few more seconds.  This takes trial and error because different flowers need more or less time to press.  Too long in the microwave could cause the flower or leaf to get too brittle.  Then put  the flowers in tissue in telephone book to cool and continue doing same thing with new batch of flowers.  You should be able to design with them the next day.  Start again with a new batch of flowers.

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